Hey kids, this has been a long time coming but it’s time to make an announcement. It’s been over a year since our last episode, and just about that long since we last recorded. I hate to say it, but we are officially in Pod fade status. I know, it sucks, but right now we’re suffering from the long standing cycle Hiddengrid has gone under over the last couple of years. With the plans we’ve had about looking at a reboot falling through, we are officially closing shop for now.

While Zen’s Hiddengrid was the first Shadowrun focused podcast, and Hiddengrid: Sixth World Chronicles was the first full actual play show, I’m proud to see so many other shows out there waving the banner. So many others charging into those bug infested ruins or the drek storm some dragon’s throwing down. I wish I could say we’re the reason they exist, but I know most of them are out there because of just how awesome a game Shadowrun and its community are. Okay, let me pretend a little that we’re the reason why. The pride, it needs the support. If you haven’t given them a chance I really suggest you check them out, especially Critical Glitch and The Arcology Podcast. Some of the best folks in this “not-quite yet the sixth world thing” are running those feeds. They’re worthy of your time.

So where do we go from here? Well, most of the folks you’ve listened to have moved on to other things. A few are hitting new heights in life, such as moving cross country, celebrating new lives with new possibilities, and doing a lot more writing. Others are digging into projects and goals they’ve been planning for years. I’ll leave it for them to add what paths they wish to share, but for me, I’m trying my hand at something I’ve been planning for years.

See, like many of you, I’ve been a table top gamer for decades, but for me one of the first things I tried to do was make my own. I’ve had several styles I’ve worked on over the years, but I’ve never finished one. I’m trying to change that now. It’s in its infancy, but I’m podcasting the process of making the new system from start to finish over on makeanrpg.com. I’d dig if you could come over, maybe even take part in some of the testing.

As for the Hiddengrid and the Sixth World Chronicles? Well those files aren’t going anywhere, and you’re always welcome to revisit Zen, Andrew, Midas, Entei, Samons, Nikki, Dan, Lena, Jess, and of course, Eve Donovan, any time you’d like. Someday dice will be rolled far too close to the microphone again, and those recordings will return to this feed. For now though, this commlink is going dark.

Give yourselves a piece of karma for every episode you listened to along the way, two per each of the echoes you listened to. If your GM asks, tell them nulloperations said it was okay, and if they have a problem, well, let Numitor know. He’ll sort them out*.

Until then, take care.

Justin Diehl


April 2015

*Listener karma void for mission play. I don’t dare mess with those gamemasters. They’re quite powerful in the sixth world.

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