Cast Of Shadows

Many faces and names grace the history of the Sixth World Chronicles. Here lies the archive of those who have stepped through these matrix tunnels and those who are now just ghosts.

Current Active PCs (Sixth World Chronicles)

Birger Falkenrath – Knowledge Costs Money

Guard-A-Manger – Professional Cutter in the Kitchen and the Shadows

Flatline – Looking for a little payback with her paycheck

Crutch – Non-stop dwarf jokes

Lindsey Trista-Stoxell – Money for the kid

Current Active PCs (Other Runs)

There’s no active secondary run at this time.

Retired PCs {where are they now?}

Tex and Rex -Professionally running somewhere in Seattle

El – Hanging out with the Ancients and intimidating the King.

Tabitha – Smuggling across the UCAS

Shadowshot – To parts unknown

Mr Black / Mac – Back in UCAS CovertOPs

Brother Shango / Mr Grey – Setting up an empire

Kiko – Running off with all the money

Katherine (Kat) – Hunting her clone

James – Off in Germany with a special mask

Gartog – Working as Roadee for Maria Mercurial

Pulse – In prison

Venar – Trying to find out who he is and paying good cred for it.

Dead PCs

No one’s found that bullet with their name on it yet. No one’s crossed that Dragon one too many times. But chummer, luck will run out eventually.


A few faces matter in the lives of our PC’s, and they deserve their own place in the Chronicles.

*character’s marked as ¥ are characters from official source material. Their source material is listed after their description.

Eve Donovan ¥

– Eve was the first Fixer to bring the original team together. Trying to restore her own reputation, the player’s actions within the Silver Angel Campaign arc helped her do just that. She owes the runners, and what’s more, she trusts them.

¥ Eve can be found in the Adventure “Silver Angel,” written by Tom Dowd.

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