Episode 006 – Total Eclipse – Session 1 Part 2 – Captain Narcolepsy

Today we continue the second adventure in the Sixth World Chronicles, Total Eclipse.

Jump in and enjoy, Total Eclipse, Session 1, Part 2.


Download Episode 006 – Total Eclipse – Session 1 Part 2 – Captain Narcolepsy


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  1. dscpl says:

    Pretty sure you’re handling initiative wrong. In initiative it’a the total value of the dice not successes.

    1. Been awhile since I listened to TE, but we were running 4th edition then. IIRC you had set initiative passes and hits generated your bonus to initiative score. 5th ed went to dice rolls, which I believe 1st-3rd used too? Been a long time since I cracked open those books.

    2. Dagnir says:

      That is correct for 4th. You add your successes you made to your initiative stat. And you had fixed number of initiative passes. Cause totaling up 7d6 then subtracting ten would be a whole lot of passes and full dodges.

  2. GargamelLeNoir says:

    Somehow I found the end episode with the switch between Black and Mack and the fight with Grey to be surprisingly tense, it was pretty awesome! The music helped plenty of course.

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