Episode 011 – Food Fight!

In between the sessions of a run, a few players decided they just couldn’t make it and we had some down time. Rather than just not run a game, I ran part of the crew through a Shadowrun classic. Food Fight comes from the first edition core book and it’s even had a 4th edition version we hacked up and pasted 2050 rules onto. It’s a ton of fun and has some lasting effects no one expected.

Enjoy the diversion, and grab something quick to eat with Food Fight.


Download Episode 011 – Food Fight!


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  1. Matz05 says:

    Awesome. So much chaos, and “eli”‘s role as attempted restraining bolt for Mr. Black’s “shoot ALL the people” tendencies was fun to listen to.
    I can’t wait to see the others asking about the new secretary and getting the story of The Food Fight.

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