Episode 014 – Harlequin – Fields of Green

Harlequin: Physical concludes with our ninth session. This session was three weeks after the last so it’s rough getting rolling. The gang has most of what they need for the run, now let’s see if they can get through it without a hitch. Take a listen and see what it takes to get past some magical beasties.


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Hey! Did you know last week’s episode put us over 24 hours of audio? If you’ve listened to all the episodes so far, you’ve used up a whole day of your life. I’m so proud of you.

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  1. John Garcia says:

    It’s really unusual for runs to go this smoothly for my players, either I torture them way too much or this group here is extremely lucky, maybe their dice is loaded.
    Hope you can tweak the difficulty for more tense and risky runs.
    Loving the episodes so far.
    Spoilers:The jingle at the end made me laugh out loud in public transport

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