Episode 037 – Maria Mercurial – Session 2 – Part 1 – Crimson Home

Hey Gang,

We’re back after our hiatus. Thanks for everyone who took some time to say hey and check in with us. We’re back with our continuation of


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  1. dYsLeXiE says:

    Guys you are so awesome. Because of the Hiddengrid we started to record our own SR5 sessions (sadly in german) and have created our own little chronicals. Thank you all of you for your great effort and the amazing fun you provide with your podcast. We really appriciate your work and wish you all the best from Germany!
    Have a great start into 2014 and we are looking forward for your new uploads of your two groups!
    All the best
    the White Russians :)

    1. Dude! That’s awesome! I think it’s great that your show is in German, you’ll reach audiences we can’t reach. Do you have a link to your show? I’d like to share it with the other listeners of Hidden Grid.

      1. dYsLeXiE says:

        Oh man that’s an awesome offer from you, i am feeling privileged and honored :)
        You can find us on and our youtube channel is
        We constantly talk in our outro about Hiddengrid and another german group we really like, but personaly I stick to Hiddengrid and your work you do. Its amazing :)
        All the best and thanks a lot!

  2. Dan/Pulse says:

    Same, i know it’s in german,but it’ll be awesome to be able to direct people over to it so they can listen in.

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