Ep 056 – DNA/DOA – Session 1-1 – Gathering Times

Some things don’t stay dead, and even if you bury them deep they come screaming back at you.


Download Episode 056 – DNA/DOA – Session 1 – Part 1 – Gathering Times


Vote on the next session’s edge strawpoll. This is the public poll for June, so it’s always a heavier pool of dice.

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  1. Centurion.Ex says:

    Hi Justin!

    I just wanted to say I’m really happy you are back!
    I discovered Hidden grid about 6 month before you went pod fading – by that time I had gotten all the way to the Maria Mercurial episodes, but as you went on a break, I kinda said “well, they’re gone, no rush…” and went on with other podcasts…
    And this morning, as I updated my pod-catcher, I had to check twice to make sure I’m not mistaken – The Hidden Grid is BACK!!!
    Quick! catching up time!

    Any way, glad your back,
    Great episode,
    Can’t wait for the next one…!


    1. Not a problem. We’ll be having some website changes here soon so if you happen to find any broken links or files, please let me know. Want to make sure everything works out after the change over.

  2. Opti says:

    Justin. I love this. Can’t wait for more. I’d especially love it if the GM would allow guest appearances from the old crew and maybe even some guest GMs.

    1. Wait a minute… something fishy is going on here…

      1. GuardaManger says:

        That’s some real tricky Astro-turfing ….

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