Episode 022 – Free Roaming – Fell In Love With A Girl

Our first Free Roaming episode kicks off with a return for a long hiatus. There’s been cast changes, rules changes, and that damn Merlin Hawk just won’t go away.

Mr Grey returns, seeking training, insight, and maybe love in the streets of Seattle. The new guy, James, starts looking into the lay of the land, how it works with contacts, and pressing the boundaries of the new fifth edition rules.

We do have email contacts for you! Feel free to ping us at and Want it read on the show? Let us know who it’s addressed to and if you’d like it broadcast in an episode. The players will be happy to comply.

A special thank you to those who reached out to us during the hiatus. It’s meant a lot to us the love you’ve shown us. We hope to never leave you in the dark again… unless a wealthy Mr J pays us enough to.


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  1. Black Rose says:

    WOOT! 5th edition :) I was hoping you’d switch over at some point. Great podcast by the way, I just came across it last week and ive been powering though all the old stuff. Oh thought! maybe you could do a “so far on the hidden grid” where you would just do a quick recap of what’s going on thus far. So that people who are new wont really have to listen to all 30+ episodes to catch up. :) just a thought, or maybe you already have and I haven’t gotten to it yet.

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