Episode 036 – Maria Mercurial – Session 1 – Part 2 – Those Eyes

The gang finally steps in to meet Mr Foley and his amazingly hot talent, but something’s not quite right about this meeting.


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  1. L says:

    You have been gone for a while :(
    Did I miss something about a break?

  2. Black Rose says:

    Fyi- I believe that the grazing rule counts as “touching” the target. So James spell should have gone off.

  3. Kris says:

    So is there a super long break i’m almost caught up need more episodes!

    1. We’re back posting episodes as they are edited. Currently we’re posting about two a week as we fix our backlog up.

  4. 0-day-J says:

    Just found you guys. You transmission on this grid is top noch. Did your group disband? I noticed no runs since that run went south. You should think about a kickstarter if time and money are a concern. I would kick some nuyen your guys way to hear more episode’s. Please don’t let April be the last of this awesome show. I’m sure there are more like me out there that would throw you a 20 or so every now and then. You show is top quality.

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