Episode 049 – Initiation – Session 2 – The Dweller, The Joker, The Spider, and The King

The part two of Shango’s initiation peaks with the astral plane as influenced by Brother Shango’s mind.


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  1. Graywulfe says:

    You made him go through an ordeal and didn’t even give him the discount on the karma cost for the intiation. That’s harsh.

    1. At my table, you are required to go through an ordeal. I see a mage improving their understanding of magic as far more complex thing than just spending a few points of karma can justify. It’s like forcing Samons to find someone really good to train him in athletics in order to get the Positive Quality Natural Athlete. Yes, RAW you just spend Karma and can have the quality, but I think fundamental changes to a character requires RP.

      That said, I’d never require such things at a convention or mission table. RAW and RAW alone because you’re there for the game. The players here are in for the story, and that take precedence.

  2. Hecht says:

    Does Mr. Grey have a level 7 or 8 magic rating at this point?

    1. 6, although he can now raise it to 8. As far as I understand it, Initiation doesn’t raise your attributes. Only raises the limit.

  3. Spitdawg says:

    Excellent handling of initiation, but what’s up with the posting date???

    1. Long story short, I’m back posting all of the episodes that should have gone up had certain life events not come to pass. The goal being to try and catch up to the present as soon as possible. We have plenty of items to fill the time between the most recent posting and now, just a matter of editing and publishing.

  4. dyslexie says:

    The init-Sessions were really great and the idea of you to let Mr Grey deal with, including the other members was wonderful. It makes sense to handle it like that for sure, instead of just rolling dice!
    Looking forward for the rest of the solo sessions!

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