Hiddengrid: The Sixth World Chronicles is a Shadowrun Actual Play Series. Hosted by nulloperations, the series takes the SWC players back to the 2050’s and some of the classic Shadowrun 1st, 2nd, and 3rd edition adventures from the past twenty years.

Episodes drop Sundays, measuring 30-60 Mins in length and covering at most half of a session.

The Classic Episodes of the Hiddengrid are available. These episodes, hosted by the sysop Zendead, featured Shadowrun discussion, gameplay, and aspects of the game from a player perspective. The series ran from 2008 to 2012, and featured a number of co-hosts through the years, including nulloperations

List of SWC 3rd Season Players:

  • Optimistic Chad – GM – Website – Twitter Facebook
  • Justin Diehl/nulloperations – Lindsey Trista-Stoxell – WebsiteTwitter Facebook Google+
  • Mark Barraclough – Crutch
  • Joules Watts – Flatline
  • Joel DiPippa  – Guard-A-Manger
  • Zendead – Birger Falkenrath

List of SWC 1st and 2nd Season Players:

  • Justin Diehl/nulloperations – GM –  WebsiteTwitter Facebook Google+
  • Andrew Eckhart – Brother Shango – Website Twitter – Facebook – Google+
  • Jess Williams– El
  • Dan Williams – Tex
  • Justin Cody – Venar
  • Lena Damiano – Tabitha
  • Zendead – Shadowshot
  • Nicole Barker – Myr

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  1. Michael Bruce says:

    Discovred the podcast a few days ago. Now listening to Dream chipper and loving everything so far. Thanks for putting all this together and resurrecting this podcast after so long :)

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