Season 3,
48 Mins

Ep 061 – DNA/DOA – Session 2-6 – Who Are The Bad Guys Again?

July 11, 2016

In the aftermath of the fight, we find out just who was hurt by our actions, and who the real baddies might be.


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  1. Over the years, I’ve had a lot of players at my table who really want to be the protagonist, and utterly without malice–in fact, I suspect, because they’re so enthusiastic–they’re bad at sharing that role with the others at the table.

    Flatline seems to be exhibiting some of that behavior. One example is responding to everything even when it’s clearly intended for someone else–for a specific moment, Opti saying to one of the mages, “Next time you open a door, don’t stand right in front of it!” And Flatline saying, “I didn’t!” But the admonition clearly wasn’t intended for her, and jumping in here takes the moment from the person who was supposed to have it.

    She also seems to argue with the GM a lot. I’m listening to the tail end of this episode, and Opti is trying to say “when you stop to reload, roll for initiative,” but she keeps trying to narrate around the idea of having to reload. It makes the moment drag on.

    I know voicing concerns about the only female player is inherently suspect and if this comment can’t be taken seriously because of it, I understand, but I’ve listened to all six episodes from this season and my only real feedback is hoping that maybe the “camera time” could get spread around a little better.

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